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SIS 11/SIS 55/SCS 35

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SIS 11/SIS 55/SCS 35

│Operating Manual and Technical Details│

>> Operation Manual

  1. Plug in when power switch is off
  2. Close lid after putting proper amount of ice cubes into inlet
  3. urn on the power switch on the right side (start motor operation)
  4. djust the thickness of ice using blade control handle


    A. When starting operation, make sure to close lid before turning on the power
    B. Add ice cubes when machine stops
    C. Put ice cubes to 1 cm below red cover inside lid
    D. Evenly place ice cubes inside of inlet

  5. (If ice cubes lean to one side, this can cause machine vibration)

  6. When the slicing lever is turned to the left, ice cubes are sliced. When it is turned to the right, ice slicing stops and ice crushing starts.

    (Slicing and crushing is applied to SCS-35)

>> Precautions

  1. Make sure to close inlet lid before turning on power
  2. Add ice cubes when motor stops
  3. Evenly place ice cubes inside inlet
    (If ice cubes lean to one side or a big piece of ice is put in, this can cause machine vibration or poor results)
  4. Do not take out ice cubes in the inlet container with hands
    (In case of machine malfunction, this can cause an accident)
  5. Machine automatically stops when inlet lid is open

>> Overload

When it is overloaded, fuse burns out and the machine stops
(Check the fuse and change it before operation)

>> Usage

 Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafés, Hotels, Sushi Bars, etc.


Model No.
SIS 11
SIS 55
SCS 35
Dimensions(W x L x H)
285 x 370 x 420
330 x 400 x 480
285 x 370 x 425
Power Consumption
Power supply
Ice Grinding Capacity
Quantity of Ice Inlet
Approx. 1kg
Approx. 2kg
Approx. 1kg
Motor Revolution
1750 RPM
1750 RPM
1750 RPM
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